Bridging the Skills Gap: A UK Construction Survey

Our Research Objective

Strategic Resourcing and Procure Partnerships Framework have partnered to conduct vital research to address the pressing issue of skills shortages in the UK construction industry. We need your help to gather anonymous industry data that will be compiled into a whitepaper report to raise awareness, analyse causes of the shortages, tackle perceptions of construction roles in the industry and provide recommendations based on our findings. By taking part in the survey, you will receive early, exclusive access to the findings and recommendations before the report is officially launched.

Why did we conduct this report?

At Strategic Resourcing, our job is to simplify construction recruitment. We specialise in accessing top talent in the construction industry. Quality assurance is how we ensure the talent profile needed for skilled job roles in the construction industry is met. By utilising our wealth of industry expertise to conduct this report, we are lifting the veil on the struggles that directors and HR managers face every day in recruiting not just the right talent, but in many cases, talent at the right time.


By signing up, you will receive early, exclusive access to the research results and recommendations before the official whitepaper launch. This report will cover which sectors and areas are most affected by the skill gap shortages impacting the entire industry.


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