GDPR Compliance

At Strategic Resourcing, accessible via, we are fully committed to upholding the principles and regulations set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our dedication to safeguarding personal data extends through every facet of our operations, ensuring the privacy and security of our clients, candidates, and partners. This statement underscores our approach to GDPR compliance, reflecting our practices for data protection and privacy.

In alignment with GDPR, we adhere to principles ensuring personal data is processed lawfully, fairly, and transparently, without adversely affecting the rights of the data subject. Data is collected for specific, explicit, and legitimate purposes, with a clear stipulation that it is adequate, relevant, and limited to necessities. We maintain data accuracy diligently, ensuring it is up to date and stored only as long as necessary. Furthermore, we handle data in ways guaranteeing appropriate security, including protection against unauthorised access, loss, or damage.

We acknowledge and respect the rights afforded to individuals under GDPR, including access to their data, correction, erasure, and the restriction of processing, alongside the right to object and the rights related to automated decision-making and profiling. Our processing activities are grounded in lawful bases, such as consent, contractual necessity, legal obligations, vital interests, public interest, and legitimate interests.

To protect against data breaches, Strategic Resourcing has instituted robust measures, ensuring swift identification, assessment, and action in accordance with GDPR mandates. This includes notifying relevant supervisory authorities and affected individuals when necessary.

Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) oversees our compliance with GDPR, providing guidance on our data protection obligations and ensuring adherence across our operations. We engage in continuous training and awareness programs for our staff to foster an understanding of data protection principles and their importance to our ethical and legal responsibilities.

When engaging third parties to process personal data on our behalf, we ensure they are GDPR compliant and bound by contractual terms that safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of the data.

Strategic Resourcing is committed to the continuous evaluation and enhancement of our data protection practices, ensuring they reflect the latest in compliance standards and effectively safeguard personal data.

For inquiries or further information regarding our data protection practices and GDPR compliance, please contact our Data Protection Officer. Our dedication to GDPR is a cornerstone of our operations, reinforcing our commitment to data privacy, security, and transparency.

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