Building the future. The roles in demand now to meet the challenges of levelling up and net zero.

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The construction industry plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth and infrastructure development. As the public sector sets ambitious goals for initiatives like levelling up regional disparities and achieving net-zero emissions, the demand for skilled roles in the construction sector is expected to rise significantly. In this article, we will explore the projected public sector output in the construction industry and the corresponding need for filling numerous skilled roles to meet these targets.

Construction officially accounts for approximately 6% of economic output of the UK and provides employment for 2.3 million people.

The Levelling Up Agenda

The concept of levelling up refers to the government’s commitment to bridge the economic and social divide between regions, ensuring that all communities across the country have access to equal opportunities and prosperity. The levelling up agenda seeks to invest in infrastructure, transportation, and public services in areas that have historically been left behind.

To achieve the levelling-up goals, substantial investments in construction projects are required. This includes the development of new transportation systems, housing, schools, hospitals, and community facilities. As a result, the demand for skilled workers in various construction roles, including the below is expected to surge:

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers will be vital in planning and designing infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and utilities to support regional development. Their expertise in sustainable and resilient construction practices will be essential to ensure long-term benefits.

Construction Managers

Efficiently managing construction projects is crucial to keep them on schedule and within budget. Construction managers will be responsible for overseeing multiple projects simultaneously, coordinating teams, and ensuring quality and safety standards are met.

Skilled Tradespeople

Electricians, Plumbers, Plasterers and other skilled trades will be in high demand to construct and retrofit buildings to meet modern standards and sustainability requirements.

Environmental Specialists

With a growing focus on environmental concerns, environmental specialists will be needed to assess and mitigate the impact of construction projects on local ecosystems and biodiversity.

Urban Planners

These professionals will play a significant role in shaping the urban landscape, designing inclusive and sustainable communities, and promoting responsible land use.

Net Zero Commitment

Another significant challenge the construction industry faces is achieving net-zero carbon emissions. As part of global efforts to combat climate change, the UK government set out policies and proposals for decarbonising all sectors of the UK economy to meet the Government’s net zero target by 2050.

350,000 new construction roles to be created by 2028

The construction sector is a major contributor to carbon emissions due to energy-intensive processes and materials. To transition to a net-zero economy, significant changes will be required in how buildings are designed, constructed, and operated. However, with challenge comes opportunity. This means the following rolls will be in demand:

Green Building Architects 

Architects will be at the forefront of designing sustainable, energy-efficient, and carbon-neutral buildings that prioritize renewable energy sources and energy conservation.

Renewable Energy Specialists

With a push towards using renewable energy sources, specialists in solar, wind, and other green technologies will be essential for integrating sustainable energy solutions into construction projects.

Building Energy Analysts

Experts in energy modelling and simulation will be required to optimize building designs for energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprints.

Retrofit Specialists

Retrofitting existing buildings to meet green building standards will be critical in reducing the environmental impact of the built environment.

The construction industry is poised for significant growth in the public sector, driven by the levelling up agenda and the commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions. As the demand for sustainable infrastructure and green buildings increases, so does the need for skilled professionals to fill various roles in the construction sector.

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