Recruiting In The Construction Industry: Our Tips

Recruiting In The Construction Industry: Our Tips

Construction recruitment can be difficult. In some cases, the process is lengthy – it’s likely to take time to find skilled workers who are suitable and trustworthy enough to work on your upcoming projects. However, there are simple tips to follow to help make the process of finding qualified candidates as easy as possible.

From creating the perfect job description to holding interviews, there are numerous stages to complete while hiring construction workers. Here are some of our top tips for recruiting in the construction industry.


Why Hiring Top Talent is So Important in the Built Environment Sector

Why is hiring top talent so important in the built environment sector? The built environment sector deals with a wide range of building developments, including industrial, residential and commercial projects.

Hiring talented workers is vital in this sector. Our industry is known for its tight timelines and strict deadlines, so finding skilled workers is key to preventing issues and potential project delays or cost overturns.

Undoubtedly, there’s a demand for skilled workers. Having fewer skilled workers in the industry is alarming for construction companies across the UK. The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has revealed that almost 225,000 extra workers will be required to meet UK construction demand by 2027.

It’s more important than ever to find skilled workers to operate in the industry – although many apprentices are paving the way for future construction workers, it’s believed that engineering jobs are most desirable to people between the ages of 13 and 16.

Finding top talent might seem like a struggle right now, but there are effective recruitment solutions available to ensure that workers have the necessary training and experience to work safely and deliver high-quality results that meet industry standards.

At Strategic Resourcing, we understand the importance of connecting with top talent while seeking potential candidates to fill your construction jobs. This is why we’ve created an innovative platform for companies to utilise.

We value the effort and dedication that construction companies go to while looking for both short and long-term workers – our platform provides an effortless way to post job vacancies and connect with hard-working individuals seeking employment in the industry.

From using modern methods of recruitment to offering great employee benefits and compensation, there are several tips to consider while trying to find the perfect candidates.


1 – Consider Diversity

Diversity in the workplace is key, whether you’re working in construction or not. By adopting inclusive hiring practices, you can easily diversify your workplace.

When it comes to job postings, be sure to look for candidates from all backgrounds, whether it be more women, people of colour or transitioning service members.

It’s no secret that the construction industry is male-dominated – studies suggest that women account for only 11% of the construction workforce and just 1% of workers on site. There are many women eager to find job roles within the construction sector.

With more women entering the workforce, new opportunities to recruit female construction workers should be available. Since March 2024, over one million women are now in STEM occupations, accounting for 29% of the STEM workforce.

All companies need to remain diverse while hiring. The Equality Act 2010 promotes equality of opportunity which companies must follow.


2 – Display Tangible Results

Displaying tangible results while hiring is key. Not only does it prove credibility, but it shows that your company is trustworthy. Tangible results of work can be shown through completed projects, client testimonials, and overall performance metrics.

Showing potential candidates that your company delivers excellent results is likely to encourage them to apply for your available position.

Great results prove that your company prioritises project management, organisation, and the ability to stick to project deadlines to keep customers satisfied.


3 – Offer Competitive Compensation & Benefits

There’s often a misconception about the construction industry failing to offer competitive compensation and benefits to their employees – this simply isn’t true. Construction roles vary from on-site work to office duties.

Numerous employees are needed in various roles within the sector to keep operations running smoothly. While working in construction, you can expect many similar benefits to those working in another industry.

We understand that some construction workers operate without fixed hours – however, this still means they’re entitled to holidays. You can calculate your employee’s holiday entitlement by visiting

Since COVID-19, more companies have brought in remote working. It’s easy to presume that individuals working in construction are unable to work from home – but some can. A recent survey found that 54% of project managers in the construction sector work remotely.


4 – Ensure Job Descriptions Are Clear

Ensuring your job descriptions are clear and well-written is essential. To have the best chance of finding the perfect candidate, you need to be completely clear on:

  • Company expectations
  • What the job involves
  • Required qualifications
  • Employee benefits
  • Opportunities to progress

Potential candidates will likely want to know key information such as expected salary, too. The recruitment process often becomes lengthy and time-consuming due to miscommunication and unclear job descriptions.

2 in 3 (68%) UK workers call for employers to write job ads with more clarity. We understand how complicated it can be to ensure every detail of your job is being described correctly. Our free job description checklist provides you with the most promising chance of crafting the perfect job description.


5 – Improve Employee Retention Rates

Potential candidates will likely consider the track record of a company during their job search. Aspiring employees want peace of mind knowing they’re applying for a job role with a reputable and trustworthy company.

Although some construction companies hire for short-term roles, many are seeking long-term employees. Unfortunately, keeping the same employees for long periods is becoming more unachievable.

To reduce employee turnover in construction, companies need to identify underlying causes by conducting exit interviews and addressing any recurring issues to prevent people from leaving in the future.

The case for many construction companies is that their employees are leaving for competitors. Although the construction industry has welcomed 200,000 new workers, it saw the loss of more (210,000 workers). If you’re a construction company in the UK, it’s important to work on these issues to ensure you have the best chance of connecting with top talent.


6 – Utilise Recruitment Software

Traditional recruitment methods are often the most used. However, these older methods of reaching out to agencies don’t always end up with success.

Modern recruitment is more favourable, allowing construction companies to directly connect with talented workers who meet their job descriptions best.

Our platform offers an innovative approach to recruitment, having helped construction companies up and down the UK find suitable candidates.

At Strategic Resourcing, you’ll have access to dedicated construction workers – our platform makes it easy for you to recruit while reducing your workload.


Streamline the Recruitment Process

Streamlining the recruitment process will increase the chances of finding the best-suited candidates to work for your construction company.

At Strategic Resourcing, we have a clear understanding of the difficulties companies face when it comes to recruitment – which is why we’ve designed an easy-to-use platform to utilise while searching for potential candidates to fill your vacancies.

From enhancing your job descriptions to simplifying the lengthy interview process, our platform allows you to tackle the challenges of recruitment while finding your dream candidates.


Potential Challenges in Construction Recruitment

Several potential challenges complicate construction recruitment. We’re here to break down the two most common challenges that recruiters working in the industry tend to face.


Changes in Demographics

Changes in demographics have a significant impact on construction recruitment in the UK. Demographic fluctuations can influence the amount of skilled workers now available to work.

Essentially, this means that more construction companies are being encouraged to hire younger workers or provide training to employees. A significant amount of construction workers in this day in age are nearing retirement, leaving a big gap in the industry for the younger generations to fill.

Additionally, demographic changes, including population growth, increase the demand for new construction projects and materials. This often leaves construction companies focusing on workers with a more diverse set of skills.


A Shortage of Skills

If there are fewer qualified professionals available to work in the construction industry, the sector will struggle. Construction is a high-risk industry to work in, and it’s important to find potential candidates with diverse skill sets to take on the possible challenges that come up during project completion.

When there’s a significant skills shortage, it becomes harder for companies to hire. Essentially, skills shortages could lead to project delays and poor customer satisfaction.

This is why it’s more important than ever to advertise your job roles in suitable places that attract hard-working and eager workers, increasing your chance of connecting with the right people.


Attracting the Next Generation

With more long-term construction workers approaching retirement, it’s important to attract the next generation to work in the industry. However, doing so can be quite difficult. The UK needs more apprentices to meet the current demand.

89% of educators stated that school curriculums don’t support people with more practical skills. This could be a potentially huge problem for the future of construction if the next generation continues to choose alternative industries to work in.


Need Help Hiring Qualified Construction Workers?

Have you recently faced the challenges that come with construction recruitment? If so, don’t worry. At Strategic Resourcing, we’ve taken into account the complexities of recruitment, especially in construction.

We provide clients with streamlined software to use, which makes recruitment an easy and enjoyable process. Hiring new employees doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming – we understand that you need time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

We connect both company directors and HR specialists with some of the leading top talent in the industry, helping you save money and time. Our simple alternative to traditional recruitment methods has helped companies across the UK build their dream workforce.

Whether you have one or multiple positions to advertise, you can trust our platform to find the most suitable candidates in your area. You can either:

  • Use your own preferred suppliers to manage existing recruitment agencies
  • Use our highly recommended recruitment agencies – all of which sit across different regions in England

If you’d like to find out more about our streamlined recruitment platform, please get in touch today. We look forward to hearing from you soon. You can see our software in action by leaving your details below:

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