What Is External Recruitment: A Beginners Guide

What Is External Recruitment: A Beginners Guide

Finding the right candidates to fill your job openings is essential. Whether you’re a small construction company or operating on a larger scale, the recruitment process is a vital stage.

When it comes to recruitment, both company owners and hiring managers must make the important decision of whether to hire internally or externally.

Both come with their own set of benefits and challenges, and you should take some time to weigh up the pros and cons of both before finalising your job vacancy. To find out more about external recruitment and what it is, see our guide below!


What is External Recruitment?

What is external recruitment? Essentially, external recruitment is when a company fills a job role outside of its organisation. For most construction companies, external hiring is a preferred method.

This specific approach allows you to reach wider talent pools, giving you a more promising chance of finding suitable job seekers. There are several examples of external hiring, such as posting to online job boards, visiting local job fairs, recruiting through social media, and using recruitment agencies, to name a few.

If you’re yet to try external hiring and have typically advertised positions to your current employees, now might be the time to push your job openings to a wider range of skilled workers who are seeking employment.


The Benefits of External Recruitment

Both internal and external recruitment have their own benefits; however, hiring externally allows you to tap into talent pools and connect with eager job seekers. These skilled job seekers could be the perfect fit for your job opening.

External candidates bring new ideas and skills to your company. By opting for external recruitment, you’ll have access to a diverse range of expertise. Accessing external talent can give companies a competitive edge by bringing in individuals with niche skills or industry knowledge that might not be available internally.

External candidates could provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. We understand the importance of finding the most suitable candidates to fill your current job positions. By hiring externally, you can attract new skills and connect with a diverse range of individuals, which is sometimes difficult to achieve with internal candidates.


External Recruitment Challenges

With any recruitment technique, there are some challenges. Compared to internal recruitment, hiring externally can prove to be time-consuming in some cases. The process of having to find potential candidates, interview them, and spend time completing vital background checks can be lengthy, requiring significant time and resources.

Some companies might find it challenging to integrate new employees; new staff members could struggle to understand your company’s values, norms, and dynamics. However, discussing these important topics is crucial during the interview stage.

External hires often face longer adjustment periods, as they need time to acclimatise to your company’s rules, regulations, and expectations. Although these challenges might be hard to deal with to start with, new employees usually adjust to their job role and environment in good time.

To avoid challenges with new starters, it’s advisable to have open discussions about company morale and expectations from the very beginning.


Top Tips for External Recruitment

Once you decide on the type of job role that you’re going to make available, outline key responsibilities, required qualifications, and expectations within your job description.

Having a clear job description detailing everything that you require from a potential candidate is crucial, giving you the best chance at connecting with the most suitable individual who possesses the necessary skills and experience needed for the role.

We recommend including extra information regarding company culture, unique aspects of the job role, and any opportunities for growth within the company. External recruitment involves reaching out to the likes of agencies and recruitment software specialists, like ourselves here at Strategic Resourcing. We ensure that you have the highest chance of reaching relevant, qualified candidates.

Talk openly and honestly with potential candidates, making time to discuss your company’s values, missions, and employee benefits. Working in construction can be dangerous sometimes, so it’s important to ensure your potential candidates are really who they say they are, and have the skillset to work on your upcoming projects.

Completing pre-employment assessments or skills tests will help to evaluate whether or not they’re suitable for the work you have lined up. By making your recruitment process as streamlined as possible, you’ll simplify the stages of external recruitment.


Finding New Employees

Here at Strategic Resourcing, we offer an innovative platform for construction companies to utilise when it comes to recruitment. Our platform allows you to connect with qualified candidates who offer diverse skills and experience.

Our platform is here to simplify the entire recruitment process; designed in such a way to offer a hassle-free, streamlined experience to users. From effortlessly listing your vacancies to completing the interview process, our platform offers ease and convenience.

Everything you need to complete the stage of recruitment is in one place. You won’t have to worry about dedicating valuable time to flick through unsuitable CVs, as you’ll have access to some of the top talent in your area thanks to our trusted recruiters. We understand the importance of finding great employees who will represent your construction firm in the best way.

Finding the industry’s finest professionals can be tedious, but not when you choose Strategic Resourcing. Whether you have one or multiple job vacancies to post, you’ll be able to post your available positions to a wide network of some of the UK’s leading construction recruitment agencies.

If you have any questions about using our platform to fulfil your recruitment needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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