What Is The Recruitment Process In The Construction Industry

What Is The Recruitment Process In The Construction Industry

If you own a company within the construction industry, you’ll likely need to recruit new team members over time. For some, it can be challenging trying to navigate the recruitment process.

However, if you have a good understanding of the recruitment process in the construction industry, the journey of finding new team members should be much more straightforward. To understand how the recruitment process works in the construction industry, continue reading.


The Stages of Recruitment in the Construction Industry

The hiring process for the construction industry varies, but it typically follows a similar process, from creating a job title to interviewing, conducting checks, and accepting potential candidates to become long-term employees.

In some cases, hiring construction workers can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time offering job opportunities. However, using agencies or recruitment software, like Strategic Resourcing, can make it much simpler. Let’s take a look at what the recruitment process typically involves.


Create a Job Description

The first step of recruitment is analysing the specific requirements of the position you have available and creating a detailed job description to ensure the most suitable candidates can connect with you.

Within job descriptions, you should outline any qualifications that are needed to work on your specific construction projects, while detailing whether the role will be office-based or on a construction site.

Making these recruitment efforts from the get-go means that you’ll hopefully be linked with qualified candidates who are a perfect match for your available job role.


Post Job Openings

Once you’ve created your job description, you can advertise your job opening and sit back while you wait to attract candidates. For some, it can take time before candidates start flooding in.

Nothing happens overnight, and it might take a while for some companies to find their ideal candidate that matches their job description perfectly. Within your job openings, it’s also useful to include any training that your company is willing to offer or other professional development opportunities.


Review Applications

Once you’ve connected with a few candidates that match your job description, you can start to consider your options. At this stage, you can review the CVs and cover letters sent by construction professionals who are seeking new employment, making it easier for you to kickstart the stage of shortlisting candidates who offer the necessary skills while meeting your requirements.


Shortlist Potential Candidates

Essentially, shortlisting candidates means narrowing down your options. This stage of the recruitment process can take some time and requires a lot of thought. You’ll need to check that your potential candidates offer all the right technical skills to be effective for your construction role.

It can be exciting to find qualified construction candidates who seem like they’ll fit in perfectly with your company, and it makes the interviewing process much easier knowing your shortlisted candidates are offering exactly what you’ve asked for.


Begin Interviews

The interview process can begin once you’ve decided on some potential employees. You can either set up face-to-face interviews or organise virtual interviews. With Strategic Resourcing, you can create up to 3 interview stages through our platform, allowing you to pre-qualify candidates before progressing them to the final stage of interviews.

Although it’s best to meet potential candidates in person, virtual interviews have proven to work for many companies, construction-based or not. Interviews are used to delve deeper into candidates’ skills, experiences, and suitability for the role and the company culture.


Conduct any Checks

When you work in an industry like construction, it’s vital to ensure your candidates are really who they say they are, and have the skills and experience to work for your company. Conducting background checks is important when you require skilled workers.

It’s best to conduct reference checks with the candidate’s previous employers or professional contacts to verify their qualifications, experiences, and character to ensure you’re making the right decision to employ them.


Offer Acceptance

Once a suitable candidate is identified, you can offer them a job with your company. This can be an exciting time for both you and your chosen candidate. If they accept your offer, you can further discuss salary, benefits, and a start date.

Negotiations can occur during this final stage, so it’s important to prepare for that if it happens. As soon as everything is set in stone, you can ask your new employees to fill out any relevant paperwork while introducing them to your company’s policies and procedures.


The Importance of Finding Trustworthy Employees

Finding trustworthy employees is crucial in the construction industry for several reasons. It’s important to have a reliable, hard-working team working for your construction company to ensure a high standard of work is being met continuously.

Construction sites can be dangerous environments to work in, which is why it’s vital to find employees who can be trusted to follow safety protocols and procedures, along with having the necessary training and qualifications to manage or be on site. You want employees who will show up to work on time, giving each construction project their all while fulfilling their responsibilities.

Reliability is key in helping keep projects on schedule and within budget. Additionally, having a team of trustworthy employees contributes to positive customer experiences. Great employees should be able to work effectively in a team environment, pay attention to detail, follow specifications, and strive to meet expectations set by your company.

Whether your employees work on-site or in company offices, they should be able to address any issues promptly and contribute to bettering the reputation of your business while remaining in line with company culture.


Are You Looking for Reliable Construction Workers?

If you’re looking to streamline your construction recruitment process, look no further than Strategic Resourcing. Here at Strategic Resourcing, we offer an innovative platform for construction companies to connect with experienced professionals who are seeking employment.

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