Why choose Strategic Resourcing?

Why Choose Strategic Resourcing?

Our framework is meticulously designed to transform how you connect with potential candidates. Here’s what sets us apart:


Digitally Post Your Vacancies to Our Exclusive Framework of Recruitment Agencies

We leverage the power of digital reach to post your job vacancies across an exclusive network of recruitment agencies that specialise in the construction industry.

This ensures your job listings gain maximum visibility among qualified professionals who are actively seeking new opportunities, whether that be permanent or fixed-term work. Our network is curated to include only agencies with a proven track record of sourcing the industry’s top talent, ensuring that your vacancies are in front of the right audience.


Receive the Top 3 CVs from Each Agency, Focusing on Quality Over Quantity

We understand that sifting through a mountain of CVs can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. That’s why our platform emphasises quality over quantity. For each vacancy posted, you’ll receive only the top three CVs from each agency. These candidates are pre-screened and selected based on a stringent set of criteria tailored to your specific needs. This not only streamlines the selection process but also increases the likelihood of finding the perfect match for your business/project.


Value for Money

Enjoy free access to the Strategic Resourcing recruitment platform and post an unlimited number of jobs at no cost. It’s hard to find better value for your money than that! You only pay a fee upon the successful placement of a candidate. Plus, benefit from preferential rates we’ve secured with our network of recruitment agencies under our agreement.


Accept and Reject Applicants (and Arrange Interviews) with Ease

Our software is designed with user experience at its core. You can effortlessly accept or reject applicants with a simple click, and arranging interviews is just as easy. This level of convenience accelerates the recruitment process, allowing you to fill positions faster and more efficiently. Our intuitive software, within Compliance Chain platform, enables you to stay organised and in control, from the initial posting right through to the final hiring decision.


Specialising in the Construction Industry’s Top Talent

Our expertise isn’t just in creating a seamless recruitment process; it’s also in understanding the nuances of the construction, professional services and infrastructure sectors. From hiring managers to skilled civil engineers and subcontractors, we meet the unique demands and challenges that you need solved.

By using Strategic Resourcing you’re not just adopting a new method of hiring — you’re elevating your entire recruitment strategy. Our software is the result of years of expertise and a deep understanding of the construction industry’s dynamics. It’s a tool designed not just to fill vacancies but to build the foundation of a skilled and well-managed team that will propel your business for years to come.

For more information on our innovative recruitment framework, book your demo today and start building your team today. The UK’s top talent is only a few clicks away.


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