Black Capital Group announces 4-year partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Charity.

The holding company that powers Procure Partnerships Framework, Compliance Chain, Advance Social Value and Strategic Resourcing has announced a corporate partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Charity

The partnership will support Alder Hey’s ground-breaking research with a specific focus on a research project to find new and better treatments for Hirschsprung’s disease, a rare condition that causes blockages of the bowel and affects 1 in 3500 babies per year. The aim of this project is to improve the quality of life and reduce the long-term complications for all children and young people with this disease. 

The group aims to raise £50,000 as part of a national fundraising campaign, and all donations will support this vital research. 

As part of the partnership, each company that sits within Black Capital Group will deliver a series of fundraising efforts, events and challenges whereby all staff members have pledged to contribute.

One particular challenge sees Faye Dolan, Director at Procure Partnerships Framework, and Luke Spooner, Key Account Coordinator at Compliance Chain, take part in a challenging 10-day trek to Nepal in October next year. 

Other challenges and events include a 10K run through the Merseyside Tunnel with 11 staff members taking part, a charity bake sale, and a football tournament dedicated to the 2024 Euros. 

Robbie Blackhurst, Director and Founder of Black Capital Group said:

“Our commitment to raising £50,000 goes beyond a mere financial contribution; it signifies a collective pledge to make a tangible impact on the lives of those affected by this rare condition as well as supporting other ground-breaking research, positively impacting children and young people nationally. Social impact is not just a byproduct but a core value for each business within the group. 

This partnership adopts a national fundraising approach, leveraging our extensive network and connections among national partners. Through a series of innovative fundraising initiatives, events, and challenges, I am delighted that each company within Black Capital Group will play a vital role in supporting Alder Hey Children’s Charity over the next four years.”

Hayley Thomas Head of Corporate Partnerships of Alder Hey Children’s Charity said:

“I am delighted that Black Capital Group is supporting Alder Hey Children’s Charity over the next four years.  Not only will the money they raise support important research projects, but the national fundraising approach will raise more awareness across the country of the work of the charity and hospital which is incredibly important for us. I’d like to thank the whole team for their enthusiasm and passion to support Alder Hey.”

Director of Research at Alder Hey Children’s Charity, Dan Hawcutt, added:

“Hirschsprung’s disease can have devastating impacts on the children affected and their families, and Alder Hey has been at the forefront of surgical and cell therapy research for this condition for many years. The sustained support from this partnership will enable more long-term, detailed and complex projects to be undertaken, answering important questions and moving towards the improved therapies that are needed.”

To support the fundraising efforts of Black Capital Group, donate via the Just Giving Page.

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