Find the right person for any role

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What is the job type?

Permanent Recruitment

When looking to recruit the industries top talent into your organisation to fill both site based and office based roles, at all levels.

Contract Recruitment

When critical individuals are needed for short-term or key projects, source the industry’s leading professionals and maximise work rate.
Strategic Resourcing Dashboard job posting

Create job listing with ease

Using our intuitive job description builder tool, you can quickly create quality job listings for unlimited positions.
Strategic Resourcing identify the right skill set

Identify the right skill set

By listing the required skills or qualifications needed, you can bring in the right people that fit your team’s culture, experience level and workrate.

Strategic Resourcing application date screen

Arrange an interview

Once you have looked through the submissions, you can use the platform to arrange interviews with your shortlist.

Whether it’s face to face or over a video call, you can set up to 3 interview stages to narrow your list down to find the best candidate.

Strategic Resourcing application screen

Collaboratively manage applicants

Now your vacancy is live, watch the submissions roll in from our network of the UK’s top sector recruiters.

Using Strategic Resourcing, you can manage all of the applications coming through, look at each submission and find the best fit for your team.

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