Why Strategic Resourcing?

We help Company Directors, HR professionals and Hiring Managers save time and money by discover the best candidates in the industry, through our innovative recruitment platform.

A streamlined, digital resourcing platform with a personal touch.

Strategic Resourcing exists because traditional recruitment styles just don’t work for the built environment industry. Without the right system, hiring has become costly, inefficient, and time-consuming. That’s where we come in.

Our mission is to improve the recruitment process for the built environment.

Direct challenges lead to clear solutions. Here’s our journey through these obstacles to creating an all in one recruitment framework tailored for the built environment. 

The challenge

Traditional recruitment does not work.

Spending over a decade recruiting for the construction industry, we’ve seen the frustrations in talent acquisition time and time again, from receiving thousands of irrelevant CVs to the constant back and forth with recruitment agencies leading to endless admin. In an industry with an ageing workforce, coupled with a severe skills shortage, the prevalent struggles in recruitment got us thinking...

Traditional recruitment does not work for the built environment industry.

The Solution

A recruitment model that demands quality over quantity.

As recruitment agencies upped their prices for talent in demand, we ran a competitive tender exercise to select the best recruitment agencies to work across our digital resourcing platform. What does this mean? Access to recruiters with a grip on regional talent, a centralised digital platform, and preferential rates that were secured as part of our agreement.

The Result

Unlimited access to skilled talent.

We provide a service for our clients by linking them to local talent pools specific to the built environment, whilst also giving them the digital tools they need to take control of their hiring processes. Through role description builders, candidate communication management, and in-built interview schedulers, we reduce the need for back-and-forth admin. Our support team ensures the candidates uploaded by our recruitment partners meet your requirements, whilst the software automatically checks and removes any duplicate candidates. The results? Access to skilled talent pools, a huge reduction in admin and a quicker hiring process.

How our platform works.

It’s no secret that hiring top talent can be a time-consuming task that requires a lot of back and forth with recruiters, as well as  hours of reviewing CVs that are not suitable for the role.

We help construction businesses grow and improve profitability by finding the best candidates for each vacancy through a simple and efficient process.

Bring in the industry’s best professionals.

You’re covered across every sector of the construction industry when using our platform to resource new employees.

We understand what it takes to bring a construction project to life, which is why you can upload as many positions as you need.

Always ready to help.







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