Improve profitability by securing the construction industry's top talent.

The Strategic Resourcing platform streamlines your talent acquisition by connecting you with a network of top regional construction recruiters.

Software that saves you time and reduces your workload.

The Strategic Resourcing platform simplifies your recruitment workflows by cutting through the clutter of unwanted CVs and eliminates unnecessary steps in the traditional recruitment methods. Our platform leverages a national network of construction recruitment experts to provide you the best candidates, streamlined communication tools and automated interview scheduling solutions to boost your efficiency and productivity.

Only the best candidates

With top recruiters limited to 3 CVs per role, you get only top talent.

Unlimited uploads

Expand your reach & upload as many vacancies as you need.

Demonstrable savings

Gain the greatest value for your investment with competitive pricing.

Easy to use Platform

Manage your resourcing process with ease & confidence via the Compliance Chain portal.

How our platform works.

It’s no secret that hiring top talent can be a time-consuming task that requires a lot of back and forth with recruiters, as well as  hours of reviewing CVs that are not suitable for the role.

We help construction businesses grow and improve profitability by finding the best candidates for each vacancy through a simple and efficient process.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Discover the real-world impact of Strategic Resourcing through the experiences of our clients.

Bring in the industry’s best professionals.

You’re covered across every sector of the construction industry when using our platform to resource new employees.

We understand what it takes to bring a construction project to life, which is why you can upload as many positions as you need.

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